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2 part epoxy


2 part epoxy kit
In our easy dispense bottles.
Mix ratio is 2:1.
12oz. Kit
Kit size is total volume included.


1.5 gal kit

2 Part Epoxy 1.5 Gallon Kit
1 Gallon Epoxy & 1/2 Gallon Hardener
And 2 pumps



5" Plastic Mixing Spatula



The pigment powders below go a very long way.
You only need a tiny amount in your epoxy or silicone mold.
Can also be mixed with clear paint, nail polish or similar.
On Polymer clay they work like Pearl Ex powders



Pearl Pigment Powder
15ml Bottle

$8.50 Bottle



Pearl Pigment Powder
15ml Bottle

$8.50 Bottle



Pearl Pigment Powder
15ml Bottle

$8.50 Bottle



Pearl Pigment Powder
15ml Bottle

$8.50 Bottle


Chameleon RG

Chameleon Pigment Red-Green
Changes color based on the angle of the light when applied
to a dark surface.
Looks green but has some red when viewed at an angle
1gram bottle with applicator


$4.50 ea.


Small cup

Small 1oz. measuring and mixing cups.
Pack of 20.
Don't let their small size fool you. These cups pack a lot into a small package. They are graduated and show measurements in OZ, TBS, ML, CC & Drams, yet are cheap enough to be disposable.



This is one of the most requested products
we have had.
This is a 5.4oz. bottle
Non Toxic, Dries clear, Bonds most anything glue
Can even be used to seal ink-jet prints for domin

$5.95 ea.


12 pack - Disposable Plastic Pipettes. Perfect for injecting colored epoxy inside clear epoxy as well as filling tiny areas with epoxy.
like a small eye dropper.
1ml capacity



Sparkles Iridescent Flakes
Add a rainbow of shimmering color
to your projects
Use to make Faux Opals (see Video on tips page)
(2oz. by volume. Product may settle)

$2.50 bottle

Micro Mest

Micro-Mesh (tm) sanding pads
These are super fine sanding pads made in the U.S.A. and perfect For sanding polymer clay and epoxy resin to a high gloss polish. These are the original not the cheap China knock offs.

You get the 9 piece assortment pack with laminated color grit chart as shown above.

$9.55 pack


EasyMold Silicone Putty

  • 3 minute work time, 25 minute cure time
  • Excellent detail from original
  • Strong, flexible, reusable molds
  • High heat range, up to 400f
  • No shrinkage
  • Self releasing, no mold release required

$26.00 for 1/2 lb. kit


German Real Glass Glitter

Comes in four different grit sizes, ranging from the super chunky 70 down to the super fine 100.
In this set, you'll get a selection of each of the four grits in a rainbow sampler. A dozen 1/4 oz bags of Glass Glitter

This finely ground colored glass is silver coated for extra sparkle and shine.
Over time a beautiful patina ages the colors, to give you a really authentic vintage glass glitter look.

Kit cotains:

1/4 bag Silver Glass 70 grit
1/4 bag Silver Glass 80 grit
1/4 bag Silver Glass 90 grit
1/4 bag Silver Glass 100 grit
1/4 bag Gold Glass 70
1/4 bag Gold Glass 80
1/4 bag Gold Glass 90
1/4 bag Gold Glass 100
1/4 bag Emerald Glass 70
1/4 bag Pale Blue Glass 80
1/4 bag Fucshia Glass 90
1/4 bag Violet Glass 100

$18.95 Kit

Glitter Kit

Glitter kit2

Iridescent Glitter Kit
12 colors in small screw top bottles
Bottles are 1.125" diameter (a little larger than a quarter)

$8. 75 Pack of 12 colors


Mini Glitter Bottles
Total bottle height with plug is approximately 2.5cm
Pack of 12 assorted colors

Bottles are real glass and can be made into pendants once glitter is used up



These samplese were done in a silicone mold dusted with pearl powder and poured with white epoxy
It's hard to see the full effect in the photos.

The Examples below were mixed into epoxy then molded


Pearl Powders

These are professional pearl powders from the automotive paint industry.
These are very fine like baby poweder and pearlesent.
Jars contain 1/4 ounce by volume.

$3.00 jar


Mixing Cup

Disposable 4 oz. mixing cups
Pack of 15



Graduated plastic beakers.
10 pack - Large 100ml (3.38oz.)
These have little spouts to make it easy to pour.



Graduated plastic beakers.
10 pack - Small 50ml (1.75oz.)
These have little spouts to make it easy to pour.


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Stirring Sticks

50 pack
Disposable wooden stirring sticks


pin tool

4" pin tool

Useful for spreading epoxy, moving embedments and making holes.



Black Pigment

Black Opaque Pigment.
for 2-part epoxy only.
A little goes a long way.

$6.50 ea.


easy dye

Transparent dye pack with opaque white pigment
You get 5 colored dyes (Amber, Green, Red, Blue & Yellow) along with an opaque white pigment.
To make opaque colors add some white pigment in the epoxy along with the color you want.

Not for use with UV Epoxy Glaze

$33.00 set