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International shipping

We welcome international orders. Our shipping calculator will not add proper shipping charges to your order however. It may not charge you any shipping or it may charge you a small amount but it will not be the correct amount. What we ask you to do is to go ahead and place the order online. We will then calculate the shipping total and send you a Paypal invoice. if you were charged some shipping, the invoice will reflect just the difference in the total shipping and what you already paid.

Once you receive the invoice, if you wish to complete the order simply pay it. If after receiveing the invoice you wish to cancel the order please email us and the order will be refunded.

For international orders we ship by U.S. Mail. Many times you will receive 2 quotes, one for First class mail which is least expensive but can take a lot longer depending on your country. Second will be for Priority Mail which is faster but is more expensive. We cannot ship the Micro torch with it's fuel as it is a hazardous material. If you wish to purchase this torch we will remove the fuel cell and you will need to replace it, it uses a standard 'Bic' style disposable lighter for it's fuel.

Please understand that we cannot control the shipping prices. Or fees charged by your country such as duties fees or customs charges. Also understand that to give you a quote we actually pull your order and place it in the proper box to get an accurate weight. This is time consuming and is why we request that you place an order first. Before this we got dozens of shipping fees requests a week for people that never ended up ordering. This took up a great deal of time pulling and restocking orders.

Also we require a full shipping address to get a quote and placing an order supplies this as well.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you.